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UCLA's comprehensive researcher database that will allow you to track all required training for working in a laboratory. Our goal is to provide 'one-stop shopping' for all required training so that information you need is organized in a single online site. Lab researchers will be able to track their own training. Principal Investigators and lab supervisors will be able to track their own training, as well as those of all researchers in their lab. This includes required lab safety training (through a link to EH&S Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool), animal use and care training, human subjects training, NSF responsible conduct of research training, HIPAA training, and Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) training. PIs and supervisors have additional UC-required training in sexual harassment prevention, ethics, and conflict of interest. The functionality of the database includes both automated and manual email messaging when researchers' training is about to expire. We have also included electronic workspace where you can upload files (e.g., your lab's chemical inventory list, lab orientation document, and SOPs) and a list of useful online resources (e.g., UC's Material Safety Data Sheet website). We hope you find this database useful. The Manual will help guide you through LabBook to update your training information.

Note: Some training information is uploaded to Lab Book through automated electronic linking, while others still require manual uploading. We highly recommend that each researcher upload his/her own training information along with the scanned training records, and update it as necessary.

Nancy Wayne, PhD
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research - Laboratory Safety
Professor of Physiology

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